Su-Kam – Empowering Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a bustling satellite town, that has transformed into a mega city in its own right. No longer the attachment it used to be to New Delhi, Gurgaon, today, represents the absolute concrete manifestation of modern India. Commerce, trade, business thrive here. More and more MNCs are moving base to Gurgaon, and at the same time, people are starting to live out their dreams in dream homes, penthouses, and spend time in the innumerable malls there. It is for all intents and purposes, the new India.

So what do the people of this rising city do when it comes to power back-up. In a city where neither the malls nor the offices ever stop, people rely only on one brand to make sure they are never without power. The distinction of being that brand is unequivocally, Su-Kam.

The numbers and testimonials prove this conclusively. Talk to almost anyone using any kind of power back-up product or machine in Gurgaon – be it for their home or workplace, the answer will invariably be Su-Kam. Mr. Sunil Kumar, Mr. Himanshu Dutta, Mr. Rakesh Kumar and Mr. Omveer. They are all Gurgaon-based Su-Kam customers, who have been happily using their respective Su-Kam power back-up products for a number of years, all extremely satisfied people. Like them, there are hundreds more in Gurgaon itself. Mr. Alok Shreeram,Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Mr. Ashutosh & Mr. Inder; still more examples of Su-Kam customers, who lead empowered lives in Gurgaon.

What we see here is only one city’s example. Su-Kam’s reach and national penetration is immense, and similar stories and numbers emerge from almost all parts of the country, where Su-Kam has empowered entire villages, towns and cities, with its excellent, reliable, affordable, and efficient power back-up products.

These are the inverters, batteries and UPS systems of a new modern world. They are clean, environment-friendly, easy on the user’s pocket and space, and in terms of performance, simply unmatched! And they are empowering not just Gurgaon, but an entire nation & its people!

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Mr. Ashutosh:

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Mr. Inder:




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