My extended family – Su-Kam

These days, you will hear very few people saying that they have worked for the same company for so many years. Two, three, maximum four years, is what a person gives to a single company. I am very proud that I can say I have been at Su Kam for 20 years. You might even think that it is because I am not too ambitious, or I am a bit lazy to look for a job. But you would be wrong in both cases. I have been at Su Kam, grown here, and remain here because I am part of a large family now. The Su Kam family.

As Su Kam has grown over the years and become a multi-croup company; it has taken care to look after its employees. Not just me, Su Kam’s relation with all its employees is very strong. So when the love an employee feels at his or her workplace is so deep, it is very inspiring, and no one wants to say no to any task given to him or her.

I am very proud to share that a work-place like this has nurtured me and created an environment in which I have gone from strength to strength. This level of involvement with employees, and the way Su Kam has stood by me personally, is a rare quality and I feel blessed.

For all the young working people wanting to join Su Kam, I can only say that this is the best place to work and realize your true potential. If you work hard and put in effort, it will be the most rewarding place to work. My own experience here is living proof of the family-like bonding & atmosphere at Su Kam. I have gained much more than a livelihood from here.

Su Kam, my one and only extended family. I feel deeply fortunate to be part of the Su Kam parivaar.

Surinder Mehndiratta




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