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When we think of inverters, rarely do we realize that there is a vast array to choose from. There are inverters that differ in power back-up capacity, size, and technology; and each one fits a specific purpose. Su-Kam has been largely responsible for the advent of multiple-inverters, designing many India firsts, and building a product portfolio that is widespread and caters to every kind of back-up need. So gone are the days when you’d have to contend with one single crude inverter. Thanks to Su-Kam, there is an inverters galore. They can be modest or extreme, whatever the need.

A good example of the Su-Kam’s contribution to inverters and the power back-up industry is their highly acclaimed and adopted high frequenct sine wave inverter. Developed by Su-Kam, it is a new milestone in its endeavor towards finding new and improved ways to create and add more value to its products using advanced technologies. This inverter is most suitable for running household appliances like DVD players, tubelights, fans, television, computers, microwaves, etc. Its high frequency operation results in lesser hardware, and thus reduced weight (<5 kg for 800VA), which makes it easily portable and gives it a sleek look too.

These products have caught the fancy of a buying public that has been starved of reliable, and economical power back-up products. In fact, so widespread is Su-Kam’s patronage that the brand hardly has to rely on advertising. Thousands of happy customers have become staunch proponents of the brand, speaking highly of its products, and recommending them to everyone. Mr. Daniel Abhraham from Pune; Mr. Praveen Kumar from New Delhi; Mr. Swapan Ganguly and Mr.Arindam Chatterji from Kolkata; Mr.Sandeep Ramankutty and Mr.KR Praveen from Bangalore; Mr. Jayant Mukerji from Noida; and finally Mr. Dharam Arora from Gurgaon – these loyal customers represent a tiny section of a vast Su-Kam consumer base. And these are people restricted to cities, whereas Su-Kam has penetrated into cities, towns, and rural areas alike!

With Su-Kam, its inverters and power back-up products are extensive, as is the brand’s patronage.




    • Hi Kundan,

      Thanks for approaching us with your query. We will definitely like to help you. Call up on our toll free number – 1800 102 4423 to get assistance in this regard.

      Su-Kam Executive

  1. hi, this is YUVARAJ PATIL from nippani, karnataka. i want to know the procedure to get dealership of SUKAM inverter, terms & conditions also. i am intrusted in it. pls reply as soon as possible.

    Thanking you…

    • Hi Yuvaraj,

      Thanks for approaching us. You can check our complete range of products through our website: and also mail us at our Global Business Division at: for more assistance on power backup products for specific country. You can also speak to our customer care on our toll free number at 1800-102-4423.

      Su-Kam Executive

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