Su-Kam facilitate India’s First Eco – Friendly Concert


We are all familiar with rock concerts where a massive amount of electric power is consumed in a short space of time. Recently in NCR,Delhi & Jammu & Kashmir, a group of committed people showed how a rock concert can be powered by solar energy, thus protecting the planet from needless damage.

The American rock band Solar Punch performed in Gurgaon and Delhi, along with the Indian band Parikrama and singer Kabul Rishi. Most of the lighting was powered by solar energy, the generators ran on bio diesel, the invitations were printed on recycled paper and the audience was encouraged to come in car pools or by public transport.

Su-Kam joined hands with the NGO Advit Foundation, which is working towards conserving the environment and empowering communities through various viable options of environment conservation for livelihood enhancement and sustainable development. Su-Kam, as a sponsored partner, provided financial assistance and also made available to Solar Punch, a van with solar panels on the roof, which were used by the band to charge their musical instruments. The band travelled around Delhi NCR in the van, effectively spreading the message of clean, green solar power. They performed at various venues and schools in Delhi and Gurgaon, where the exhilaration of great rock music was accompanied by a demonstration of how the sun’s rays can power their musical instruments. And Su-Kam was instrumental in making this laudable mission possible.



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