Su-kam – Going strong through ups and downs

I am Sriom Jhagadiyawala from Palam and my associates and I trade in inverter batteries. An executive from Su-Kam had introduced us to the company 13 years ago and since then, we have had an intermittent relationship with the company. Initially, it was going great, but then we faced certain problems for a while with their management. But Su-Kam rectified the situation quickly and the road has been smooth since. Over the past years, our dealings with Su-Kam have been good. The company has started welcoming suggestions from dealers like us and it feels great.

Just like everything in life, business has its ups and downs. But Su-Kam has been extremely consistent about one thing – quality. Even after so many years, the quality of their products has remained unwavering. Their inverters have been very good in the past, and continue to be that way. This reflects in the customer loyalties who have stuck to using Su-Kam products year after year. In fact, customer response is the best indication of a company and its products.

I hope my business relation with a great company like Su-Kam continues to thrive through the years to come.




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