Su-kam: Great quality products

In these days of increased commercialization and marketing very few products actually offer what they promise. Therefore, I find it a pleasant surprise that Su-kam’s products truly give full value for its price and much more. I speak based on my personal experience. I have been a user of Su-kam’s 650 VA inverter since last 6-7 years and it has served me very well.

I went for a Su-kam product in the first place because I had heard from my friends and acquaintances that the product quality as well as the services offered by Su-kam is very good. Their advice has been proved right and I am a very happy customer. In fact, in a country that has regularly plagued by power cuts I don’t even realize at times that there is no electricity at my place! My routine and schedule are not disrupted in any way, all thanks to the excellent power backup provided by my Su-kam inverter.

I have found through my personal experience that the customer service department of the company is always ready to resolve any issues that its clients and users might face. Four years after I bought my inverter I had to get the battery changed. One phone call to the customer care department of Su-kam helped me get a brand new battery installed.

Thus, I am very happy to be a Su-kam customer and I regularly recommend the same to my friends and acquaintances as well.

– Vicky Tickoo




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