Su-kam: Growth opportunities galore

Sanjeev Kumar Saini, Vice President, Su-kam. He is a veteran Su-kamian with 9+ years experience in the company. He handles the R&D department, a very significant segment of Su-kam.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

–         Anonymous

This is the greatest lesson I have learnt from Su-kam since I joined this organization as a Sr Engineer in 2000.  Since then I got innumerous opportunities to display my skills and grow along with this constantly growing company.

Su-Kam helped me to grow as a professional by giving me the opportunity to work on the various new projects and to lead the team, look after the development of the technological advanced products and process and several other significant responsibilities.

The company has also helped me to grow as an individual. Su-kam’s leader, Mr Sachdev, by example has taught us how to keep going despite odds that seem insurmountable at times.  He has also helped me to remain positive even during unwelcome circumstances. I have received full support and assistance from the company whenever and wherever I have needed it. The top management in the company has enabled me to understand how to resolve problems hindering the path towards our goals and to learn from our mistakes.

Su-kam gives full freedom and the opportunities to its employees to grow through hard work, sincerity and honesty. The company also has a very open-minded approach to new ideas as evidenced by its innovative products and indigenous technology. Su-kam’s work culture is also very conducive to learning and accumulation of new knowledge and skills.

I have seen Su-kam growing from strength to strength with the help of these values. When I join Su-kam, the company was based in Nagal Raya, New Delhi. All functions starting from store/purchase/service to marketing/production/R&D were handled from a small place/factory. Every thing was developed and produced in-house. However, we have grown at a very fast rate to become what we are at present. Today, we have a pan-India presence. We have extended our footprints to the global market as well.

Su-kam is a company that realizes and truly appreciates the fact that its success is because of its employees. It often goes out of its way to help its extended family and to ensure their well-being. Once as a token of its appreciation, Su-kam gave away shares of the company to its employees completely free of cost. It is gestures like this that make Su-kam truly different and a great place to work.




  1. I am using Su-Kam Inverter from last 5 years. Su-Kam inverters are Best in quality & services. The best Part of Su-Kam inverters is Charging Section.
    These inverters are good for any kind of Batteries.

  2. Dear customer,

    We haven’t heard back from you as yet. We again kindly request you to provide us with your name, contact number and address along with complaint number and date. Mail us at would look into the matter immediately and get it resolved as soon as possible. We care for our customers and want to provide the best services to them.

    Su-kam Executive

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