Su-kam: Hassle-free and excellent product line up

Bipinchandra Shah

Good quality products, great advertising and variety in the product range are the three things that make Su-kam so popular and widely used. I took up a Su-kam dealership five years ago and since then I have seen the company and its products go from strength to strength. They have constantly come out with great quality products suited for different target audiences. Su-kam’s products also come with several innovative and useful features that give them an edge over the competition.

When I became a dealer Su-kam five years ago, my primary reasons were their good market value and the fact that they had more sales than the competition. Today, with five years of experience, I have learnt that Su-kam offers what it promises and that the customers are very happy with their Su-kam products’ working and features. These factors contribute to the company’s continued growth and popularity. They do not have to face many hassles.

My personal experience has been very good with Su-kam. The company offers timely assistance and guidance to its dealers and regular meetings are held to resolve any issues, educate on their new products and services and ensure continued growth for the company, its products and its customers and the dealers. I always recommend customers to go for Su-kam products looking at their variety, quality and hassle-free nature.

Bipinchandra Shah

Mahavir Electronics,

28 Sainath Shopping centre,

Near Traffic control office,

Ramnagar, Dombivli (E).




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