Su-Kam -Innovating power back up

What guides powerful organizations? One look at some of the world’s most successful and iconic brands will reveal the answer. Be it Apple or Bose, one factor rings true – it is their innovation that has been largely responsible for their greatness. It is their constant innovation that have given their products an iconic stature. When it comes to power back-up, Su-Kam is no different.

To come into an industry, and shake it in its entirety requires courage. But turning a home-produced, crude and largely unorganized inverter sector into a thriving, technologically cutting-edge, and enormous market is achieved only through tireless and constant innovation. Innovations for which not only has Su-Kam been recognized and lauded by the industry, but also by its customers. However, the company has chosen to not to sit on its laurels – Su-Kam’s innovations continue to this day.

Inverters of all sizes and capacities; batteries that work endlessly; UPS systems that are at ease as much at home, as they are at the workplace; green automobile technology; harnessing the Sun for power generation; power-on-wheels; environment friendly technologies and products – the list is unending! And it is to this level of innovation that Su-Kam customers are attracted. Their Su-Kam experience endears them to the brand, and their brand loyalty is staunch.

Mr. Gurveer Singh Khattra from Banur; Mr. Prem Nath Saini from Pathankot; Mr. Karan Pandit from Ambala; Mr. Abhishek Kumar from Gurgaon; Mr. Ravinder Singh Rawat from Faridabad; Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey from Kanpur; Mr. Vivek Verma from Lucknow; and finally, Mr. Prabhat Kumar from New Delhi. But who are all these people?

They are old and recurring customers of brand Su-Kam. They have been using Su-Kam’s innovative machines – inverters, UPS systems and batteries – and represent a small example of the reach and popularity Su-Kam enjoys. With their own experiences with Su-Kam been greatly satisfying, they vehemently suggest Su-Kam to all their friends and families. And that’s what makes Su-Kam, a truly great company.

Innovating power back-up is what Su-Kam does, and has come to symbolise.




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