Innovation and opportunity at Su-Kam

Vishal Kumar is very happy to be a Su-kamian and feels that it offers great oppurtunities for growth and innovation

I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world. Why you wonder? Because I am blessed to be working at Su Kam. In a company that has given me tremendous growth & opportunity, in a very short span of time! I started six years back at the modest salary of five thousand rupees as just a service engineer and today I am Regional Manager Sales for the Eastern region. If I was to sum it up, freedom & reward for hard work captures the essence of Su Kam’s brand & employee philosophy. Su Kam is a platform that presents a potent mix of unlimited opportunity, and limitless innovation.

As far as my role model is concerned, it is Kunwer ji, the MD of Su Kam. His passion and guidance, and his energy levels affect the organization from top to bottom. Combined with an invaluable freedom to take decisions, not just me, but all the people working at Su Kam are provided an excellent atmosphere in which we can work and really excel.

Hence, Su Kam’s workforce is in a constant state of high motivation. The credit for this goes to the learning, freedom, guidance and passion that an employee experiences. The key to Su Kam’s happy staff boils down to ‘recognition of hard work’. I was employee of the year in 2008-2009. I don’t know who noticed my work, or who told the senior management about me, but it is clear that somebody is looking. The best part is that the rewards are not just in terms of recognition. Good performance is also compensated very well. Su Kam is the best pay-master in the industry. This holistic approach to awarding merit at the work-place, makes Su Kam a special place to be in, different from many other employers in or outside the power industry.

However, the story of Su Kam being the ideal workplace hardly ends here. There is true innovation backing each employee’s efforts. As a sales person, I have a 127 products strong line to work with. Not only is this a wide range of products, but also, undisputed best in terms of quality, technology & price. In 2005, when we came up with the 5 kv inverter, our competitors were only producing much lesser capacity products. So actually speaking, there is no competition. We are the leaders. These may be tall claims, but they are rightful claims, that ring in an employee confidence that is itself the most motivating factor.

In his final analysis, the growing stature of Su Kam is thanks to a oneness that is Su Kam’s biggest USP. Each year we set out our goals at the beginning. Every person in every department then moves towards realizing a common mission. Be it logistics, sales, marketing or purchasing, all the departments help each other to perform better. And once we achieve a certain goal, there isn’t a moment’s rest. We quickly move on to the next target.

Like a huge extended family, Su Kam forges ahead, shattering norms, breaking stereotypes both in management and its products; and offers its employees a playing ground of many opportunities, backed by all-round innovation. Being at Su Kam has transformed my life, and taught me the true value of opportunity and innovation.




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