Su-Kam – Blazing a Power Trail

There are many iconic companies that have transformed the sectors they operate in. Just like Intel is to the chip business, Apple is to portable music, or Volvo is to safe cars; some brands have made such immense contributions that they have metamorphosed a given industry or product category. With sheer innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and products that represent the benchmarks of that category, these companies have made powerful statements that have endowed them legendary and iconic statuses.

 To the power back-up industry, Su-Kam is that iconic company that has revolutionized the way we perceive and use power back-up products. In a country constantly grappling with power outage, voltage fluctuations, erratic power supply and load shedding, Su-Kam has worked tirelessly for over a decade, to bring to the market a range of products that is truly special. It has changed the face of the unorganized power back-up industry, and made it a thriving sector that multinationals are only now making a beeline for.

 Spotting a crying need and moving quickly, Su-Kam tailored products for the market. Today, it stands tall as the number one power back-up brand. Its products, be they inverters, batteries or UPS systems, enjoy mass patronage. The company, in turn, has received the love and respect of millions of happy customers, not just in India, but globally. Add to that a strong sense of family values and nurturing philosophy, that has made all stake-holders in Su-Kam, employees & dealers included, feel special and appreciated.

 Let’s look at one sample section. From Gorakhpur, there is Mr. Pramod Kumar Jain and Mr. Rinku Pandey. From Lucknow, there is Mr. Satendra Singh & and owners of Ping & Company. From Deoria, there is Mr. Shiv Yadav and from District Faizabad, Mr. Rajesh Yadav. From Faizabad proper, we have Puja Studio and Mr. Sunil Kumar. And finally from Kanpur, there are Mr. Laxman Das, Mr. Amit Kapoor and Mr. Jaswinder Singh. All these people are Su-Kam customers, who have been using one or the other Su-Kam power back-up product for varying lengths of time. But the one fact they share in common is their love for the brand, thanks to its superb products.

 Su-Kam has surely blazed a trail, and it’s a powerful one!

 Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr.Sunil Kumar:

Ping & Company:




  1. Ali faizan Muhammad

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    Ali faizan Muhammad
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    • Hi Ali,

      Thanks for approaching us with your query. We will definitely like to help you. Kindly provide us your complete contact details. You can also call up on our toll free number – 1800 102 4423 to get assistance in this regard.

      Su-Kam Executive

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