Customers swear by Su-Kam

Why do a large group of people love a specific brand? Is it because its products and services fulfill a compelling need? But there are hundreds of companies that make products for every kind of need. Then, is it because a specific brand is more price competitive than others? But there are always multiple brands offering price advantages. Then what is it, that makes a brand stand out, and be loved by a large consumer base?

Today the scenario in the power back-up sector has changed dramatically from the time Su-Kam gave birth to it, with many multinational companies in the fray. So, how does Su-Kam still manage to remain the peoples’ favourite? Why do people swear by its products?

The best way would be to look at actual Su-Kam customers. From Kalyan, we have Mr. Dashrath Pingale. He has been using his Su-Kam inverter for many years, and loves its performance. He cites reliability as his reason for loving Su-Kam. Then we have Mr. Ramesh Chander Sharma from Faridabad; and Mr. Ajay Kumar, Mr. Kishore Chaudhary and Mr. Pradeep Bhatia from Gurgaon. These loyal Su-Kam customers cite different reasons for their admiration of brand Su-Kam. While Mr. Sharma says perfect performance is his reason, Mr. Chaudhary and Mr. Bhatia say their Su-Kam machines never go bad! Once again, reliability is at the root of all their love.

From New Delhi, we have Mr. Ravinder Channa and Mr. Mukesh Badaaria. Both are loyal Su-Kam patrons. These gentlemen also admit that Su-Kam inverters are the very best…they perform endlessly. And from Kolkata, we have Dr. Pramit Ghosh. He, too, agrees that when it comes to performance, nothing comes even remotely close to Su-Kam.

It is clear then – reliability of a product, and the service it provides, makes a brand the unequal favourite. And in Su-Kam’s case, technology, build quality, and innovation – all contribute in equal measure to make their power back-up products the most reliable. No wonder thousands of customers say, “Su-Kam Ki Kasam”!

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Dasharath Pingale: B-21, Angel CHS, Godrej, Kalyan (West).

Mr. Pradeep Bhatia:




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