Su-Kam – The inspired power

Mr. Gyanendra Mishra is from Barabanki, in Uttar Pradesh. He has been using a Su-Kam inverter for the past three years, and has never had any problem with his power back-up machine. What he has had are constant power and happiness, thanks to the smooth performance of his Su-Kam inverter. This is a real story, and not a singular or an isolated one. Throughout the country, many people are using Su-Kam power back-up products, and an overwhelming majority of these have similar tales to recount.

What does this say about brand Su-Kam? That time, investment, and work has paid off. It reflects in the superb performance of their products, and the happiness that their users derive from them. Success breeds success, and Su-Kam’s has resolved to better itself – by making more innovative products, and working harder than it has done.

But to truly understand the penetration that Su-Kam has achieved, having spread its products across the Indian landscape, we need to look at a few more of the company’s staunch patrons Mr. Gadamsetty Srinivasulu Jaykumar from Anantapur, Mr. Gowrishankar Ramadurai from Puttaparthy, Mr. Pratap Narain Gupta from Sitapur, Mrs. Richa Bhatia from Ghaziabad, Mr. Rajnish Gupta from Farrukhabad, and Mr. Ranjan Kumar from Dhanbad. All these people are Su-Kam customers who have been touched by Su-Kam’s power back-up products. Their stories and appreciation for the brand don’t just get new customers to the Su-Kam fold, they give the company’s employees a strong impetus to further their efforts.

Su-Kam has reached every corner of India. The success it has got in return remains as inspirational to an outsider, as it does to each Su-Kam employee. It is, in the true sense of the word, inspired power!

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