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Sachin Dev, Manager, Business Development, Sukam. He has been a part of the Sukam family since he joined the company almost 6 yrs for his SIP (Summer Internship Program). Today, he is an integral part of the company’s growth and success.

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.”

-Jim Stovall

This is a lesson that I have learnt through my experience at Su-kam. I joined Su-kam when it was relatively a small company with big dreams. Our leader and MD, Mr Kunwer Sachdev, through his vision and hard work, has made Su-kam what it is today, a leader in power backup systems. His vision and guidance has helped our company to create benchmarks for the industry. He has taught all of us to work towards a common vision and goal with perseverance.

Su-kam is a forward-looking company and gives a lot of importance to inventiveness, ethical business practices and its customers. It cares for its employees, believes in being the best and has a clear vision for the future. It has changed the way people used to think about an inverter company and converted the unorganized industry into an organized one. It has also constantly worked towards development and progress with its innovative products.

I joined Su-kam 5 ½ yrs ago and since then I have been able to work at different levels at the company. Su-Kam has always given me several opportunities to prove myself. They include both within and outside my domain thereby helping to polish my existing skills while developing new ones. I have had opportunities to work for projects that involved communicating with people within the organization and outside organization working at various levels. This helped me to understand the importance of interpersonal relationship with people of varying personalities thus abetting my progress as a professional. These skills have aided in my growth as a person too.

My leader and my colleagues have enriched my life through their gusto and zest. Together, they have helped me learn several important lessons in life such as

  • Believing in your dreams and working hard to make them a reality.
  • Sending out the right communication effectively is very important for growth.
  • Thinking out of the box and creating high benchmarks.

I came to Sukam as a fresher who had no idea about the highly competitive corporate world. But I have to admit that I have been extremely lucky to work for this company that strives for the empowerment of their employees through a healthy yet competitive environment, professional approach and myriad opportunities to learn. My great interpersonal relationships and bonding with my fellow Sukamians also constitute one of the major benefits of being a part of this extended family.




  1. I AM A STUDENT OF PGDM (equilient to Mba) , and i am looking for summer internship programm in feb 2012. and i am interested in your company profile please provide me information how can i be part of sukam.

    rajesh singh

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