Su-Kam IntelliQ online UPS communication software

The Su-Kam On-Line UPS Systems have an RS-232 Interface for the Power Manager. This user-friendly On-Line UPS Communication Software controls and monitors UPS performance and programs UPS commands. An easy-to-use software, it is based on the RS 232 world standard for interfacing Digital Signal Processor with computers. The Power Manager allows you to program all the commands to be performed by it automatically. This software is very useful for communication systems including satellite systems, air traffic control systems, internet nodes, bank transactions and any other application requiring maximum reliability and high power availability such as computer labs, offices, biomedical instruments, telecommunication systems and industrial establishments. It ensures maximum safety for high-risk applications. Once the UPS is installed, the user need not worry about loss or corruption of valuable data, interruption, component failure, errors and shut down of computers, drive and system crashes or any other damage, which would have occurred otherwise.

Salient Features

  • Constantly informs user of the status of the UPS, whether locally or by sending messages to user connected to the network. Normally, the message contains information about output under voltage low or battery voltage high, if selected.
  • Logs on important data containing input voltage, input frequency, output voltage, output frequency, output VA and battery voltage continuously to enable the user to check the performance at any time. Data logging enables the user to check the performance of UPS apart from knowing the status of the battery. Any future problem can be ascertained in case of any deviation in the performance.
  • Allows the user to shut down the network automatically without switching off each PC individually saves the work that was being done regardless of the application that was being used. The user may define the shut down procedure and can priories the shut down of critical components within the system such as servers. This sequential and priories shutdown by Power Manager, in turn, protects the valuable data of the unsaved files of the computers connected with the system.
  • Provides a standard control and monitoring capability, as it uses the TCP/IP communication protocol. It supports all operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and NT. It also works competently on various Linux versions as Redhat, Debian, Slackware, Mandrake etc. it also provides the user with the added functionality of connecting himself to the UPS Systems situated in different locations by using either a dedicated network (intranet) or the Internet.

Software Functions

  • Graphic Monitoring of the UPS Status
  • Detailed Display of all the UPS Data
  • Alarm Notification via e-mail and SMS
  • Programming the UPS Commands




  1. I need software to connect my ups and to see ups function(current source,percentage f charge etc)Model
    digital ups
    serial No:0041 cm-so2
    Su-kam is the best

    • Dear Yadi,

      Thanks for approching us with your query. However which feature are u talking about? Please specify that and we would get back to you soon with the answer.

  2. Dear Sir

    I need software to connect my Online UPS and to see UPS function(current source, percentage f charge, Shut down system, etc.). Pls reply me ASAP.

    Model No. : UPS DSP (1P-1P)
    Date of mfg : 230909
    Serial No. : 230909024
    Capacity : 5KVA/180V

  3. I need software to connect my ups and to see ups function(current source,percentage f charge etc)Model
    digital ups
    capacity:sm 600va

  4. dear sir,
    i’ve buy a new ups that is sukam softmanager
    model no- SM-600
    capacity- 600va/12v
    serial no- 241207183 B

    it has communication port to connect it with computer, so i need a software for this, please give me a software,


    • Dear Customer,

      Thanks for approaching us with your query.
      Kindly provide us with the following details.
      1. Date of Purchase of Office Manager.
      2. Your complete contact details.

      We would certainly get in touch once you provide us with the aforesaid details.

      Su-Kam Executive

    • Dear Customer,

      You can get in touch with Mr. Mohammed Abdulla, our Brand Manager for Office Manager for assistance.
      His mobile number is 09971133759.

      Please feel free to get in touch for any other queries on Su-Kam.

      Su-Kam Representative

  5. Hi Diva,

    Thanks for approaching us with your problem. We pride ourselves on prompt and effective customer service. Please provide us with your name, contact number and address. Please give us the complaint number and date as well and we assure you to look into the matter at the earliest. Mail us at or provide us with the details here. We would do our best to resolve your grievance at the earliest.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Su-kam Executive

  6. dear sir,
    i need monitoring software for my 10kva intelliq online ups. the details are below
    model: ups dsp/01
    d.o.m: 15/07/06
    serial no: 150706093
    capacity: 10kva/192v
    hoping for ur support
    thank you

  7. I brought a Pv solar charge controller (Pwm 20amps) which supports data logging can you please send me the solar charge control monitoring software. Thanks a lot

  8. Hi, Customer service

    We have two Sukam 10KVA Online UPS. We would like to use software to monitoring two UPS. Please provide information to us what Sukam software match our demand.

  9. dear sir

    i have SU-KAM intelli Q online ups RS 232. 168 v. 28 AH
    please support me how to install the ups and capacity of battery charging using software. i need entire description about the ups mention above as soon as possible

    with regards from

    prime computers.

  10. Hi,
    I just purchased Su-Kam power solution with the following specs:

    CAPACITY: 10KVA /192V

    I need the power management software to be able to audit my power use and manage power usage.

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