Su-Kam – Popular for good reasons!

Who do we trust most with our most important decisions? Who do we take into confidence when taking our biggest decisions? Buying a home, buying a car, selecting a school for our kids, investing money; whatever the case may be, it is the advice & guidance of closest friends & relatives we take. Why? Because their opinions are unbiased and have a full measure of our situations.

Su-Kam is one brand that has earned the privilege of being included in this close-knit circle of family & friends’ reference. Talk to Su-Kam users across the board, and one will find that a lot of them were initiated into the brand due to suggestions from aunts, college friends or close work colleagues. Why? Because loyal Su-Kam users have automatically become the company’s most vocal proponents for new users; giving a clear measure of Su-Kam’s popularity, and for good reason too. Here are some of these people…

Mr. Minta Kumar from Jalandhar bought his Su-Kam inverter because a close friend insisted that he just had to experience life with a Su-Kam product. Ever since, Mr. Kumar’s life has changed completely, and for the better. Then we have Mr. Mathura Das Sodhi from Punjab, whose brother was very keen that he buy a Su-Kam. Mr. Sodhi’s post-usage views: the best advice he’s ever been given!

The unique factor about Su-Kam’s popularity is that it isn’t a brand that is recommended only by friends & relatives. Its popularity cuts across segments and the brand enjoys a superb reputation all over. Even in the marketplace, among dealers & distributors, multi-brand stores, online technology & gadget forums; Su-Kam is unanimously hailed as the best brand for power back-up products. And through these various sources, many people have been convinced Su-Kam patrons.

Mr. Piyush Mahanta from New Delhi, Mr. Rai Kumar, Mr. Tarsem Singh, Mrs. Sapna & Mr. Ashok Nanda from Jalandhar, Mr. Raja Ray from Kolkata and Ms. Monica Khanna Gulati have all been influenced by Su-Kam’s overwhelming popularity and bought their respective Su-Kam machines. Proof, that Su-Kam is popular for a good reason!




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