Su-Kam Trust

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” ~ George MacDonald

While each and every brand tries to win the trust of a committed consumer base, very few actually earn it through the merit of their products & services alone. But as scores of Su-Kam customers share, trust is the one attribute they associate most strongly with their beloved brand. A trust that has been earned over years of hard work, and through products & service support that is absolutely the best.

Ravi Chhaparia from Kolkata trusts implicitly in Su-Kam. He says, “I had heard such good things about Su-Kam, I bought the product. After using my Su-Kam Sine Wave inverter, I trust nothing else!” Ravi bought his Su-Kam because of the prevalent trust for the brand, and has quickly converted to trusting the brand himself, thanks to the perfect performance of his Su-Kam. Similarly, Dilip Patel from Chattisgarh shares, “I have been using the Su-Kam Cosmic inverter for one year. I bought it because all my friends trusted Su-Kam the most.” Like Dilip, Ranjan Kumar from Ranchi also became a Su-Kam fan because of the brand’s clean & trustworthy reputation. He says, “I heard about Su-Kam from my parents & relatives. Naturally I trust them, and they trusted Su-Kam, so I bought it. I am very happy.”

Su-Kam’s biggest guarantee has become the trust that it commands in the market-place. It is a rare & powerful quality, and has brought many new consumers into the Su-Kam family. Three recent Su-Kam customers, who’ve all been using Su-Kam for 6 months now, admit that it is the trust people have in the company that made them buy its products. KD Sharma from Chandigarh, JP Anand from Delhi & Arun Mahanta from Kolkata, all say that it was “Friends & relatives, who had used Su-Kam, who said they trust only this brand.” Having subsequently bought their respective Su-Kam products, they are very pleased.

Symantak Pati from Bangalore, Sandeep Massey from Mohali and Akash Garg from Gurgaon also sing praises for the confidence they have developed in Su Kam. Says Syamantak, “I heard very good things about Su-Kam and decided to try it. I was proved right and will always use Su-Kam.” While Sandeep & Akash bought their inverters after friends told them that Su-Kam was the best, they have now become loyal Su-Kam patrons.

But in all the feedback from Su-Kam’s nation-wide customers, the most telling proof of trust comes from Akash Nema in New Delhi. Akash saw an ad for Su-Kam and was skeptical about all the tall claims. Having bought the product, here’s what he says, “I saw lots of promises Su-Kam was making. I was not sure, but I bought the product anyway. Now, it has been 1.5 years I am using my Su-Kam home UPS and each promise they made is absolutely true!”

The Su-Kam trust is a special kind of trust that speaks volumes about the company!




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