Su-kam: Problem free products

Anil Sharma, Advocate, Gurgaon.

At times, we do something on an impulse and it turns out to be a great decision. Buying Su-kam inverter and battery is one such impulse that has served me really well. I saw an inverter at a friend’s place and decided to go for one myself. This was ten years ago. Currently, I use two home UPS and a 1400VA inverter and a 150 Su-kam battery.

I am very satisfied and happy with Su-kam’s products. In the last ten years, I have faced very few problems with these products and the small hitches got solved within 48 hours of informing the customer service department. One such incident that comes to mind was when the there was some problem with the battery and I had called up the customer service department to look into the matter. Within few hours, their customer service person was at my house and the problem was solved in a jiffy.

Thus, my experience with Su-kam and its products as well as its services have been excellent. Power cuts and the problems caused by them are a thing of the past as far as I am concerned due to the Su-kam products. I would recommend Su-kam to anyone who wants to get a UPS, inverter, battery or other power backup systems to opt for Su-kam without any hesitation.

They have evolved even more now with their innovative range of products and great service thereby offering greater choice than ever before.




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