Su-Kam – Investing in Power

Twelve years ago, one man had a dream. Kunwer Sachdev saw the thoroughly disorganized power back-up sector. He saw that there were polluting diesel generators, and the inverters available were crude, unreliable, mock-up jobs made using sundry spare parts from defunct electronic items in backyards. What seemed impossible to correct, was turned into a thriving power back-up market by Kunwer Sachdev, and his company, Su-Kam. The company saw a dire need, and invested in making the solution.

Over the past decade, Su-Kam has gone from a small unit, making a few inverters, to a global giant. Strategic investments in R&D and Human Resources have seen the company achieve the seemingly impossible. It is now a leader in power back-up systems, catering to all industries and segments of the market. Today, a triumphant Su-Kam leads the way, when it comes to power back-up technologies.

Their investments, time, money and effort has paid off. And in making this journey, Su-Kam has garnered many firsts to its credit – the country’s first indigenous UPS system and the country’s first high capacity inverter, amongst others. The beneficiaries, millions of Su-Kam customers, are a proud group. It swells in size with each passing day, and their pride in the company is obvious when you talk to them.

Here’s an example of some real life Su-Kam customers. They have used Su-Kam’s products for years, and shower praises on the brand. From Tirunelveli, there is Micro Power Systems. From Hosur, there is LG Marketing. From Tiruchengode, there is Technic Power Solutions. From Nagercoil, we have Aares Marketing. From Chennai, we have Bright & Powerand Geevi Control Systems. All these are proud Su-Kam customers from Tamil Nadu. From the other end of the country, Assam, we have M/S Mayur from Dibrugarh, and Mr. Ashish Kr. Chaudhary from Silchar. Some of these people, as you can see, use these products at their offices, and some at their homes. But whatever the case, they are reaping the benefits of constant power, thanks to the Su-Kam’s investments. Power investments, giving powerful results!

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