Su-Kam is India’s 1st inverter company to manufacture BIS compliant products

By becoming the first Indian inverter company to be certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Su-Kam has once again proven to produce supreme quality products. The certificate was awarded after rigorous assessment of the product’s performance, quality, safety and reliability by BIS.

Recently, Su-Kam became the first Indian inverter company to receive four star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

What it means

In order to maintain quality standards in a fast growing economy like India, the government set up the Bureau of Indian Standards. This body keeps a vigilant eye on all goods in the country, and only the goods that qualify their stringent examination get the certificate. In a nutshell, the certificate is a mark of quality and trust.

What it means to you as a customer

In today’s world of infinite choices we often end up picking up the wrong brand. Misleading commercials and marketing gimmicks are to be blamed for this goof-up. Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers knew only a handful of brands, which they trusted and used all the time. But now, we are bombarded with new brands every day; each vouching to be the best in its league. Haven’t you ever wished for a trustworthy source that advised you which brand to go for especially while purchasing expensive products?

Here’s your answer.

Bureau of Indian standard gives certificate to those brands that conform to specifications ensured by regular surveillance of products through testing of samples drawn from the market and factory. So whenever you see the below sign on a product, you know instantly that it has been thoroughly examined and thus can be trusted.


Su-Kam – A market leader in innovation

Su-Kam has been a forerunner when it comes to innovation and manufacturing efficient, value-for-money products. Su-Kam prides itself in being a market leader in innovation — leaving no stones unturned in achieving this feat.

Much credit can be given to the robust R&D centre which houses the best minds in the industry and state-of-the-art equipment. It was the first such unit in the industry and has won recognition from the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India. However, all this would not have been possible without the vision of Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Founder and Managing Director, who ardently believed that technology was the only thing which will enable him to accomplish his dream of eliminating power problems in India.

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