5 Hot Su-kam Solar Products in Nepal

Su-Kam in Nepal

We take pride in calling ourselves Su-kamians because we’re a part of an Indian company which is valued globally – in around 90 countries worldwide. One such country is our close neighbour, Nepal, where Su-Kam‘s products are making the lives of Nepalese people more comfortable by giving them power – literally :)

Why We Choose Nepal ?

Our man, Kunwer Sachdeva, recognized the scope of power backup market in Nepal quite early on.

We have a manufacturing unit in the country and service centres to look after our customers. With a huge dealer network, our products have reached many households, businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions to give them 24×7 access to electricity.

Interestingly, we were also the choice of United Nations Development Program in Nepal. Their office is also powered by Su-Kam. Owing to reasons like these, Su-Kam has been awarded as “Most Promising Brand Asia” – we are delivering our promises.

Su-Kam is installing solar projects in Nepal

Nepal mostly relies on hydro energy which is proving to be inefficient.

Load shedding has become so common that the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) publishes a time table for power cuts Getting good power supply to a population of 28 million is quite a task,so Su-Kam’s solar power systems have a huge role to play here.

We’ve done many solar installations and are going to much more in future.

nepal at can exhibition nepal


 Su-kam Solar Products in Nepal

To showcase our solar range of products, team Su-Kam in Nepal participated in a prestigious exhibition inaugurated by vice-President of Nepal, Prakash Man Singh – a communication and entertainment show and conference held in Kathmandu, Nepal – CANT. The stall was put up in collaboration with our distributor Surya Roshini Pvt. Ltd. The visitors were pleasantly surprised to see our wide range of products which are suited to meet every need –

  • solar charge controller,
  • Solar MPPT charge controller,
  • DC system (Sunbeam) and
  • solar hybrid inverter – Brainy.
  • SolarCon – Solar conversion kit for your existing inverter

su-kam showing solar products in nepal

Convert your Existing Inverter into Solar Inverter

Most of the visitors who came to our stall during the exhibition were already using our Home UPS and batteries so when we showed them Solarcon, and how it can convert their existing inverters/UPS into solar, they were very impressed. Solarcon as you know is an innovative device which come with solar panels, and can be installed to any inverter to convert it into solar.

(Don’t forget to congratulate our team in Nepal for their hard work to make Su-Kam number 1 in the region by commenting below

We’ll soon post more about channel partners in Nepal who are making solar installations and bringing green energy to Nepal.)

To know more technical and price details of Sukam Solar Products available in Nepal, do drop a comment in box below.



  1. Angshuman Datta

    Hi! I am based out of Kathmandu and am looking for a personal power solution. Please let me know price of Sukam Brainy – 1100 va UPS and 150X2 W 12V solar panel ( mono crystal type if you have it). Else I need to source it from my home town – Gurgaon…!!!

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