Su-Kam launches its complete range of solar products & solutions in Punjab

20130807_150036 1Su-Kam launched its complete range of rooftop solar products for Punjab, recently. The company’s wide array of rooftop solar products/solutions is designed to meet the power needs of a wide range of consumers; starting from small households to large institutions. This initiative of Su-Kam is in line with meeting Punjab Energy Development Agency’s (PEDA) renewable purchase obligation (RPO) of 350 MW for 2013-14.

The company has launched rooftop products in the capacities ranging from 250 VA to 500 KVA. The various products launched are as follows:

For households: Solar Home Lighting System (SHLS) can be used at many different locations – homes, walkways, verandahs, and balcony or in any non-electrified area, Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS enables the common user to install the complete solar system at his home and utilize the solar energy generated from the panel to charge the battery and reduce his consumption from grid power. Solar DSP Based Pure Sine Wave Inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity from a photovoltaic array into alternating current (AC) and are perfect for household as well office use. Solar Panels and Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller, inverter and a Grid charger. It provides the facility to charge the battery bank through either a Solar or Grid/DG set.

For large institutions: High Capacity off grid/grid tie solar rooftop power plants Su-Kam brings to the customers, custom-made systems to create completely self-sufficient power supply. Once installed, this system will power all electrical appliances and applications through solar energy.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ashish Sethi, GM-Solar business, Su-Kam said, “We at Su-Kam realize that the future of the power industry in India is going to be driven by the renewable energy sector primarily dominated by solar energy. With our understanding of the same and our highly evolved R&D team of experts, we have devised a complete range of solar solutions for rural, semi urban & urban households as well as large institutions like hospitals, petrol pumps, colleges, schools, etc.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Dhananjay Sharma, GM, Solar Network – Domestic & Global Business Division, Su-Kam, said, “The power situation in the country is abysmal at the moment. To overcome the same, we are offering our customers these eco and pocket friendly range of solar products that shall not only help them in cutting down their hefty electricity bills but also reduce their carbon footprint in the long run.”

The company aims at targeting customers from rural, semi urban and urban areas for its solar products which has already received huge response from customers in the region even before the formal launch of the products. The company aims to install 4-5 MW of solar rooftop systems in the next 1 year in Punjab. Su-Kam, through its best in class solar technology and a large & experienced team is planning to make its solar presence felt largely in a number of cities/districts in Punjab.

Su-Kam’s well equipped technical team shall educate customers in areas such as ROI, maintenance and other details like installation capacity required for meeting the customer’s desired capacity needs. The prompt and proficient service team from the company ensures proper maintenance of the projects post installation as well.

Su-Kam has already made rapid strides in reducing the dependence of consumers on electricity supply from the grid in Punjab. Some of the solutions provided by Su-Kam in Punjab are:

Zero dependence on electricity from grid! – Shivalik Public School in Patiala

The company has installed a 50 KW solar power plant at Shivalik Public school in Patiala which has brought down the dependence of the school on electricity from the grid to zero!

Rooftop solar installations in independent houses for power generation

Su-Kam has also installed independent rooftop solar power plants in private houses in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Gurdaspur, Dasua, Ferozpur, Moga, Mukatsar, Patiala, Nawasgaher, Garh shanker etc. These plants generate electricity using the power of the sun thereby reducing dependence on the grid. More than 100 KW capacity solar rooftop projects are running successfully in business establishments & domestic applications in Punjab

Over 100 Su-Kam Brainy’s-world’s first Solar hybrid UPS sold in Punjab even before the formal launch of the product in the Punjab market



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