Su-Kam – Leading by reputation

Advertisements & paid publicity – two methods all brands employ to make themselves heard and spread awareness about their products and services. But when a brand’s reputation starts to precede itself, that’s when it has emerged a true super-brand; one that needs no more ‘hard-selling’. A brand that has proved beyond doubt the credentials of its offerings and found many adopters turned loyal customers. Su-Kam is one such rare brand.

Jagash Agarwal from Odisha has been using his Su-Kam inverter for about a year now. And though he is very happy with the product, it was Su-Kam’s goodwill in the market that made him select it in the first place. Many others like Jagash have also made their purchase decisions based on the good things they heard about Su-Kam from friends, family and dealers/sellers alike. Dharmendra Sahu, also from Odisha, having used his Su-Kam inverter for over two years, has taken it upon himself to become the biggest spokesperson for the brand. He only recommends Su-Kam now.

Like these people, many others have adopted Su-Kam because of the real-world reputation and benefits of the brand. Ramya Balkrishnan from Chennai bought a Su-Kam, because at the time, it was the only brand that gave a battery warranty. Satyanarayan Vundavalli from Hyderabad and Rajiv Chaturvedi from Bhopal decided on a Su-Kam because of the sheer respect the brand commanded among dealers of the products. While Sundeep Kumar from U.P. & Gafur Muhammad from Odisha are happy Su-Kam users who are completely satisfied with their brand choice.

Customers have come into the Su-Kam fold in droves. And that’s not just down to the reputation factor. After all, a company has to work hard to maintain the earned reputation. Take for example, Dipita Dasgupta from Kolkata, who had a small technical issue with her Su-Kam inverter. It was resolved so quickly, that her image of Su-Kam has only become better and she respects the brand all the more. Like her, Bhupendra Choudhary from Ludhiana too is an ardent Su-Kam fan and will continue to use the brand forever!

It’s not easy to build a brand, and tougher still to stay on top. But Su-Kam has worked tirelessly to achieve this stature and one that millions swear by. Mahadev Sukhija from Haryana & Parmeshwar Pradhan from Odisha are both long-term Su-Kam users. In their view, Su-Kam’s status is unquestionable. It is this kind of faith that Su-Kam has been able to solicit among its users. And this is the reason why Su-Kam continues to lead by reputation!




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