Su-Kam – Long lasting reliability

“Earlier I had bought one Su-Kam home UPS and used it for three years. I never had any problems with it. Then I sold it to my office assistant who used it for another three years and he too didn’t face a problem with it for a single day! Now, I’ve purchased a Su-Kam study-1 model and have been using it since March 09. It is an upgraded model and has advanced technology and is running perfectly too!” This is hard evidence from long-term Su-Kam user Baidyanath Sinha from West Bengal. And it is this unshakable faith on Su-Kam products that has made customers loyal to the brand, across the length & breadth of the company’s geographic operations.

A new consumer will try a product once. But if he or she finds that there are problems with it, they will never return to it. Su-Kam is extremely conscious of this fact, and does its best to ensure that all its products use the best technology, the best R & D, and are backed by the best support to give customers long-term dependability. Su-Kam’s success is testified by its many dedicated and loyal patrons.

Satish Narula from Meerut is one such patron. He says, “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter in my home for the last seven years. My electricity consumption has gone down by almost 40%. No maintenance is required for the inverter and there are no failures. It sits quietly and reliably and takes care of those nagging, unannounced power cuts.”

Mukesh Kesharwani from Bhopal shows the same faith in Su-Kam products. “I’ve had a very good experience with the Su-Kam inverter in my home for the last seven years. Thanks to its great features, electricity consumption has reduced by almost 50%. And it also has a very handy feature called the vacation mode, where one can leave home for more than two months without having to worry about electricity bills and battery life.” Features and reliability then, make Su-Kam products the benchmark in power back-up.

Such has been the impact of Su-Kam’s unwavering product quality that not only are first-time users converted into loyal customers, but they also recommend Su-Kam wholeheartedly to their loved ones. Amit Pathank from Alwar is one such Su-Kam propagator. “The use of Su-Kam inverter has been a really good experience for me. I have had one for the last three years and I have no problems with it. I am now planning to buy one more inverter for my sister.”

Su-Kam’s reliability has become its biggest advertisement, because when a product is reliable, it does not need any sales talk or advertising. Its patrons become its best advertisement. Kurukshetra resident Ankush Singhal proudly shares, “We are attached with Su-Kam since 2005 as we became their customers having bought two inverters. We are so happy that now we recommend only Su-Kam to everyone as their products and after sale services are fantastic!”

Su-Kam is a name millions have come to trust, and for good reason!




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