Su-Kam making People Happy

What makes us happy? A rewarding job, a loving family, and a peaceful country. While these are essentials on a much larger scale, there are other smaller things that determine how content and happy we are. In a country like ours, we can not take a lot of basic amenities for granted. There is water shortage, corruption, lack of cleanliness, and all manner of things that make our day to day existence less enjoyable. Chief among them, is power, or rather, the lack of it. There is almost no part of India that has adequate power supply. In some measure or the other, there is shortage.

And this power shortage really puts a spanner in the wheel of happiness. It obstructs our family life, prevents us from making progress with our work, and in general, brings our lives to a miserable, grinding halt!

There is one company though that has made the lives of millions of us Indians better. With their excellent power back-up, Su-Kam’s many products – inverters, UPS systems, and batteries – have lifted the lives of many. Affordable and reliable, these machines have given thousands of families and businesses the constant power they need.

Samar Electronics from Jharsugda in Orissa is a Su-Kam dealership, and have been facilitating the lives of many in the region. Benefitting from Su-Kam’s machines are Mr. Biswojit Pradhan, and the P&G office from Bergarh, Mr. Ravi Narayan Behra from Angul, and Mr. PK Das from Naupada. Mr. Devendra Kumar from Darbhanga, Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma from Patna, and Md. Jakir Hussain from Katihar have been taken from darkness to light, and are Su-Kam patrons from Bihar.

When it comes to power back-up, millions across India are now happy people, because of Su-Kam.

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Biswojit Pradhan: Near Dharitri Hotel, Bergarh.

Mr. Devendra Kumar: Vill. Kakar Ghati, Post – Ghuskaul, Darbhanga.

Mr. Sushil Kumar Sharma: Raja Bazar, Near Subhash Yadav Building, Patna.




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