Su-kam: Moulding lives for the better

Chetna Sundaram, Head – Marketing & CorpComm, She has been a part of this organisation for the last 6 and half years.

Chetna Sundaram, Head – Marketing & CorpComm, She has been a part of the Su-kam family since last 6 and a half years

“Leadership is the special quality that enables people to stand up and pull the rest of us over the horizon.”

This statement could have been made for our leader Mr Kunwer Sachdev.

When I had joined the company nearly six and half years ago, we were a small company worth Rs 23 crores and just one office, i.e. in Delhi.  I have personally seen the company grow as we are now touching Rs 500 crores, with 23 offices in India and 3 outside India.  We have grown from 150 employees to 1600 + employees.  The first export consignment was shipped in 2004 while now we export to more than 71 countries. All this has been possible because of our visionary and innovative leader.

He is not only an ingenious and astute businessperson, but a great teacher and leader as well. He bears with our mistakes with equanimity and patience. He teaches by example how to overcome problems and hurdles and to rise over our limitations and weaknesses.  He is a great motivator. Seeing him as a boss taught me that a friendly approach could work wonders that you cannot think to achieve with a tough attitude.

I have had the opportunity to work very closely with the MD of company and I have seen him mingle with everyone with equal comfort. It is a very rare trait. Moreover, he is someone who genuinely cares for his employees and colleagues. This was clearly evidenced when a few days back, two young employees of the company happened to die in a road accident in Guwahati.

The MD was traveling on business and texted me from the airport to arrange for a prayer meeting and communicate this sad news to other members of Su-Kam family.  He was very upset over this incident and I could understand that he really relate and empathize with the pain and trauma that their parents went through.

Su-kam has taught me that it pays to be different. The company has motivated and given me courage to put forward my ideas without the fear that they will be rejected. Thus, a great leader and a great organization like Su-kam have been instrumental in my growth as a professional and an individual.

-Chetna Sundaram




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