Su-Kam New Age Power

We live in a world where everything has become hi-tech. The way in which we communicate has undergone a transformation thanks to the Internet and cellphones. The way in which we commute is starting to change, thanks to hybrid fuel technology, and battery operated vehicles. Even the way in which we are entertained is witnessing a tremendous change with 3D television, video on demand, and live TV recording.

But all this is happening in a world grappling with increased environmental threats. Global Warming has resulted in vast natural destruction, and the planet is rebelling through tsunamis and other catastrophes. Power generation, a process that has almost always caused pollution, receives greater scrutiny today, and power back-up, traditionally needing diesel generators, has come under similar criticism.

There is an alternative though. Hi-tech innovations have come to power back-up too. Inverters and UPS systems that don’t give off fumes have emerged as the power back-up products of choice. And a company like Su-Kam has led this charge admirably. They’ve been providing benchmark products for over a decade. Their machines employ new, green technologies, that too at affordable prices.

Lacs from India, and abroad, have realized the true worth of clean power back-up products from Su-Kam. They have patronized the company wholeheartedly. Here’s a small sample of extremely satisfied Su-Kam customers, from different parts of Uttar Pradesh. From Kanpur, Mr. Amit Kapoor and Mr. Laxman Das. From Gorakhpur, Mr. Rinku Pandey and Mr. Pramod Kumar Jain. From Deoria, Mr. Shiv Yadav. From Lucknow, Mr. Satendra Singh. And finally, from Khaga, Mr. Subhash.

These real life Su-Kam patrons have used their Su-Kam machines for varying lengths of time, and have enjoyed constant power, without the headache and pollution of older devices. And like them, many across the length and breadth of the country acknowledge that Su-Kam is reliable, safe, affordable, and the very definition of New Age Power!

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Amit Kapoor: 332, Poonam Talkies, N-2 Road, Beside Ice Restaurant, Kanpur.

Mr. Laxman Das: 118/174, Sanatan Dharam Mandir Waali Gali, Kanpur.

Mr. Shiv Yadav: House No. 122, Salempur, Deoria.

Mr. Satendra Singh: C-98, Sector – E, Aliganj,Lucknow




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