Nothing like Su-Kam

There are actually very few brands who actually offer what they promise. Su-kam is definitely one of them. In fact there is no substitute for Su-kam and this is what I want to elucidate through my own experience.

I reside in Durgapur with my wife and baby while my parents live in Kolkata. In 2007, I purchased a Su-kam inverter for my house in Durgapur. Then I visited my parents’ home in Kolkata and decided to purchase an inverter for them as well. When we i.e. my father and I went to get an inverter, I was all for a Su-kam one. However the salesperson at the inverter shop convinced my father to go for another brand.

I tried to dissuade my father and had several discussions on this topic. However, my father was not convinced by the salesperson and ultimately he got an inverter which belonged to another brand. A few days later I returned to Durgapur. Around 2-3 months later my father called up one day saying that the inverter is causing problems and not working properly. The after-sale service was also very bad.  Now it has been three years to this incident and since then the inverter at my father’s place has caused troubles on and off and needed to be fixed several times.

On the other hand the Su-kam inverter at my Durgapur house has never caused me any serious problems. Even if there had been some small hitches then I have always received prompt and efficient service from Su-kam. My family and I are very happy with Su-kam and I truly believe that it is one of the best brands in India.

My father too is now planning to get a Su-kam inverter after seeing our great experience with the brand and its products as well as services. I would recommend the same to my friends and acquaintances as well. Go for Su-kam, there is nothing like it.

Amitava Das
G13, Saptarshee Sarani Sector (2B),
Bidhannagar, Durgapur,West Bengal




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