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Sumit Pathania from Jalandhar in Punjab says that he is very happy with the product & service of Su-Kam. This may seem like an average statement; but look a little more carefully, and Sumit is actually equally satisfied with the product, and with the customer service. It is uncommon to see this response towards most brands; where product as well as technical support are at par with one another. At Su-Kam however, it is the norm!

Thousands like Raman Deshwal and Gaurav Kumar from Ghaziabad have owned Su-Kam products and have been happy customers for many years. But crucially, the odd instance they have needed technical assistance, repair, or maintenance support, Su-Kam service has been at their doorstep in no time, and politely yet efficiently addressed the matter competently. As a result, even long-term Su-Kam users like Kulwant Sharma from Ludhiana & Subhendu Sekhar from Kolkata, swear by Su-Kam’s excellent service support. Be it a year of four years of usage, they say Su-Kam service is the backbone of the ownership experience, which is both pleasurable and faultless!

There are countless stories of Su-Kam customers who have had superb dealings with the company’s robust service infrastructure. Subrato Chakraborty from Kolkata who’d been using a Su-Kam battery & inverter needed his battery to be looked at. And no sooner had he contacted Su-Kam, was there a team at his place, expertly tending to the grievance. Similarly, Samsher Singh from Bhiwani in Haryana had his problem solved in a flash thanks to Su-Kam service support; not only giving further proof of Su-Kam’s efficiency; also illustrating that in every part of Su-Kam’s geographic operations, remote or developed; the service support, technical understanding, and professionalism is on an even footing

Rajendra Prasad Gupta & TP Mohanan, from Varanasi & Gurgaon respectively, are both convinced that they will continue to patronize Su-Kam, for all time to come. Their combined 5 plus years as Su-Kam customers have been supported fully by the company’s service network, and they are happy, satisfied Su-Kam users. Like them, L Sowjanya from Hyderabad has had superb dealings with Su-Kam service, and promises to only buy this brand! A confidence, a trust, and a pride that comes only when a company fully backs-up its customers.

Such is the reputation of Su-Kam’s service support now, that it has become a well known fact in the market-place. Vinay Kumar from New Delhi, a recent Su-Kam customer, attributes his decision of opting for Su-Kam to the “good views” that Su-Kam products & service enjoy in the market.

When it comes to constant customer support, Su-Kam’s products, as well as service, are there 24/7, one hundred percent!




  1. Mr. Mrinal Kanti Mukhopadhyay

    The Complaint No. 1206593731 is not yet attended. The Local Service engineer, Mr. Gopal has kept his mobile, in switched off condition.
    The inverter is down since one week, causing lots of inconveniences for the residents of 15th Floor building.
    Please arrange repair the inverter urgently.

    Best regards,
    Haware’s Tulsi Co-Op Housing Society Ltd.
    Plot no 52, Sector 9, Khanda Colony,
    New Panvel(West).
    PIN 410206.
    New Mumbai

    • Hi Mrinal,

      We would look into the matter immediately and get it resolved as soon as possible. We care for our customers and want to provide the best services to them.

      Su-kam Executive

  2. TO
    NEW DELHI-110041


    R/S SIR,

    I have purchased a UPS on 1/08/2011 from Computer su-kam ups whose serial no is

    1aaf101218010060899 VA-600. It is not working properly from PURCHASES days.

    Piz repair the UPS






  3. Hi,
    I want to complain about the bad customer service I am getting from the Gurgaon service office – Manoj Palliwal and Sanjay.

    I have purchased Sukam batteries for my office and home. One of the batteries at home is not working and hence my invertor is not working. I have lodged two complaints – 1202892930, 1203900503. So from Feb 24th my invertor is not working at my house. I have made over 50 calls in the last 10 days and now I cannot get in touch with them.

    My date of purchase is 25th May 2011 – I have my bill and warranty card but it is not being replaced because the sticker on the warranty card is missing. It was given to me by the dealer that way and what can I do as a consumer if the sticker is missing.

    Sanjay recommended this dealer (Shivam Electronics) to me when I purchased the battery and inverter. I think this service person and the dealer are running a racket by removing the sticker on the warranty card and harassing customers like us. I think these service people get a commission for recommending dealers to customers. This is very bad service from Sukam and your customer service is highly over rated.

    Satya Bonala
    J 8/19 Ground Floor

    DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon 122002

    • We are sorry that you have been facing problems with the servicing of our product. We can totally understand how frustrating it must have been for you. We try our best to always be there for our customers and keep them happy but like any other company we might not succeed every time. Please accept our apologies.
      Can we have your complaint number and contact details, please? Please email them on We will get back to you ASAP.
      Thank you,

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