Su-Kam – Permanent power

Power to the people of a nation comes in many ways. In its most basic form, it is the power of independence that a people desires. But, for a developing economy like India, definitions of power & empowerment are different. In modern India, everyone is engaged in furthering the self and in turn, the country. Power then, means the power to perform. And that requires uninterrupted power supply. Su-Kam, with its range of power back-up solutions, is literally and figuratively, powering the nation. And its many, many empowered customers, are eternally grateful.

Abhay Kumar Gupta from Noida, Ram Kathuria from New Delhi and Debashish Basu from Kolkata have all been Su-Kam users for varying lengths of time. Their Su-Kam products have given them constant power, and more importantly, a platform to excel. They are thus vocally appreciative about it because they believe that permanent power means absolute power.

The popularity of Su-Kam products in the market is itself testimony to their performance integrity. Go anywhere and the shopkeeper will immediately and only suggest Su-Kam. And that’s not because of the incentives the company gives its dealers. It is because nothing else is nearly as reliable as Su-Kam. Kalyan Peddiniti from Hyderabad, Swapan Pathak from West Bengal, Pravesh Gaur from New Delhi and Samir Gandhi from Pune are all empowered Su-Kam customers, who are amazed at the rock solid reliability of their Su-Kam inverters & UPS systems.

So taken are these people with Su-Kam’s products, they only hope that the path of innovation that the brand has charted continues, with more & more world class products being designed indigenously. Their national pride is evident when they speak about Su-Kam. Ramendra Negi from New Delhi, Anupam Gupta from Uttar Pradesh, Dipti Mishra from Karnataka and Soumik Chanda from West Bengal are all extremely proud Su-Kam customers, who have been truly empowered by a home-grown brand.

It is then really about absolute power. And somewhere in India’s quest for global glory, Su-Kam is providing Indians that essential means to a much sought-after end. Su-Kam means permanent power!




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