Su-Kam – Providing power to the powerful

People from Punjab, the land of great pride, are always full of life, vigor, and vitality. They never shirk from a challenge, and take life head on. They are full of endless reserves of enthusiasm. So are the people from Haryana and Chandigarh. Gutsy, outgoing, and always ready to grab life by the horns. But in their personal and professional lives, however, they too have to rely on an external source for their power back-up needs. And one company, over and above others, finds favour with these strong people – just as it does through the rest of India. And that company, is Su-Kam.

The following sample is an authentic representation of customers from these regions – from Chandigarh, there are Mr. Adarsh Giridhar, Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Gyan Singh, Mr. Vikas, and Mr.Shiv Kumar. From Panchkula, we have Mr. Sanjay, and from Zirakpur, Mr. Baljit Singh. These people, however, represent a microcosm of the actual spread of Su-Kam customers through these parts of the country.

And what do these people feel? They have used Su-Kam inverters, and its other power back-up products, for varying lengths of time. Each of them swears by the quality, reliability, efficiency, and frugality of their respective machines. Having used Su-Kam, they do not rely on any other brand. They even recommend the company to their near and dear ones.

So what makes Su-Kam’s power back-up products so sought after? It’s the entire package that makes Su-Kam so good – excellent power back-up, reliable technology, and affordable prices. One glance at the company’s website will explains the innovation that has gone into these machines, and consequently, their resounding success.

Su-Kam continues to grow from strength to strength. In the process, it is giving power to the most powerful.

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Rajesh:

Mr. Baljit Singh:




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