Su-Kam – A great experience

What’s a great product experience? It is when every aspect of product ownership, from purchasing, using, and maintaining, are equally good. And there is one company that takes this overall ownership experience very seriously – Su-Kam. It is not through ads or planted articles, but sheer numbers of customer testimonials that Su-Kam has proved its mettle. And it is for good reason that Su-Kam’s customers are ga-ga over the brand.

There are various parameters that Su-Kam customers speak of when giving reasons for their ‘great Su-Kam product experience’. To begin with, it is simply the reliable ease of use. For this, Dhilip Vinoth Kumar from Tamil Nadu, & Rajesh Rungta, Harjit Singh and Anand Kothari from New Delhi offer their testimony. Their experience of using their respective Su-Kam products has been faultless, completely reliable, and unerringly dependable!

Then there is the all-important service & technical support aspect. Very often, great products are let down by shabby service. Not Su-Kam. There is a small but strong segment of Su-Kam users, who when faced even with a small glitch, were rewarded with immediate & thorough service. Their ownership experience has been so good that these people are Su-Kam customers for life now. Some of them are Umesh Chandra from Bangalore, Sunil Kumar from Noida, Amolakh Nath Sehgal from New Delhi and J Sanju Pillai from Pune.

A third & crucial part of the brand experience is the purchasing process. When you walk into a multi-brand store and the sales persons across the board recommends a particular brand over & above all else, there is something special about it. It is this kind of reputation that Su-Kam enjoys and not just in the market-place, but even among people in general. This makes the buying process a very pleasant experience indeed. Beneficiaries of Su-Kam’s tremendous goodwill include Kaushik Majumdar from West Bengal, Sunil Kumar from Noida, Chinmoy Chakroborty from Jharkhand and Nitin Gaur from Karnataka.

A lot of people have had their lives altered with their Su-Kam products. Providing not just constant electricity, but also an ownership unlike any other, Su-Kam is a great brand experience!




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