Su-Kam – Powering Uttar Pradesh

The power situation in India has been bleak for a number of years. While the country has progressed in several spheres, we’re still power deficit, and people across the country suffer it. The problem is perhaps the worst in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state. However, much like the rest of India, the people of UP rely on one company, one that has helped them battle their power shortage with its solutions – Su-Kam.

In fact, Su-Kam has been so tremendously successful, and has had such an impact on peoples’ lives, that the name has become generic to the inverters. However, not only through its inverters, but via a bevy of power back-up solutions, Su-Kam has brought light to the lives of millions. Twelve years on, brand Su-Kam is the number one in the power back-up industry. People know and love the brand, and patronize it.

In UP, not only have customers benefited, businesses, workplaces, and even dealerships of power products have seen a transformation in business and revenues thanks to Su-Kam. Let us look at real customers to get a sense of the widespread patronage of Su-Kam in UP:

Mr. Shekhar in Allahabad, Mr. Kripa Shankar Pandey and Mr. Vinod Kumar Mishra in Faizabad, Mr. Ajay Ray and Mr. Virendra Kumar in Kanpur are all real Su-Kam customers. They’ve found that using Su-Kam inverters, and other machines, has been simple, convenient, and a joy. Dealers from the state include Nishat Electronics and United Battery based out of Kanpur, Lucknow Gramophone House and Saini Battery from Barabanki, and Raj Video from Sitapur.

Over time, the relationship that Su-Kam has forged with the people of UP is immense, and intimate. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Su-Kam is Uttar Pradesh ka Power!




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