Su-Kam Presents Brainy, Smiley, and Cosmic

Su-Kam is now all set to take on the UPS market in India by storm by launching its new range of UPS that will make you look good.  Besides being so attractive, they are intelligent, shock proof and fire resistant.

The launch party of these products was fun-filled and informative. The employees and our channel partners got to know about the unique features that the products have to offer. Brainy is the first-ever hybrid UPS that runs on electricity and solar energy. It allows you to control its settings, make savings during the peak power time, and is eco-friendly.


Su-Kam’s Smiley is a pure sine-wave UPS that gives you the power to deal power-cuts with a smile. Smiley is a complete package of contemporary style, path-breaking technologies, superior intelligence and better economy. Cosmic is a square-wave UPS with the same features.

So, gone are the days when inverters were hidden in small corners around the house and were paid no attention. Now, they are here to play a bigger role in your life. Su-Kam has evolved them with a ‘nayi soch’ and they have become more intelligent, more responsive and closer to you than ever before.

And hey, don’t forget to check out for Smiley and Brainy’s ad in papers. If you would like to know more about the products, please write to us on




  1. nonyelum louis

    honestly ur products are very very here in Nigeria/though its cost is much higher compared to other makes but believe me quality matters and got it all.but on the issue of the new 800watts falcon.the oscillating i.c will be made available atleast to help in making it a more popular choice.cos our people dnt usually go for a products that may not repair parts in the market.i had been directed to call nigeria office but the ic is not available.the reg.fan7329.

  2. how can i get it here in Nigeria and its price, because currently now i am using your inverter and battery i want to switch to solar completely

  3. Is sukam Brainy a Pure sine wave inverter or Modified sine wave inverter?
    Can i have a link of pdf manual for Sukam Brainy…

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