Su-Kam Progressing Together

It’s a simple but rarely-practiced philosophy – provide a service that not only addresses a dire need effectively, and makes profits, but gets everyone involved – customers, employees, and partners – to progress together. However, it is precisely this philosophy that has been guiding Su-Kam from its inception, some twelve years ago. An inclusive, overall growth oriented approach that takes everyone under its wing, and reaches for greater heights, than mere bottom lines.

By manufacturing the most frugal and reliable range of power back-up products, Su-Kam has given the customer a great deal. It has also, owing to the green technologies used in its products, made efforts to not harm the environment. In the same way, care has been taken at Su-Kam to make Su-Kam’s own house a great place to thrive and prosper. Talk to any Su-Kam employee, and you’ll never get the sense that he or she is working at a job. The passion and the love for the company belie all formality that come with a job. At Su-Kam, a great big family meets each day at the office.

The same love and support the company extends to its supply chain – to its many many distributors and dealers. While Su-Kam gives sales incentives and promotional bonuses like any other company, it doesn’t restrict itself to just that. Talk to any Su-Kam dealer or distributor, and you get the clear sense that there is something extra, an X factor. There is genuine support that the company gives them, making them feel part of the giant family, not mere accessories.

And there is glaring proof that corroborates all that has been said. A few customers, a few dealers voluntarily speak here of Su-Kam, its support, and their loyalty to the company, because the company has always been loyal to them. Customers include Mr. Ricky Sharma, Mr. Jaswinder Singh, and Mr. Gurdeep Singh from Ludhiana, and Hardeep Auto from Moga. All these customers have been using Su-Kam inverters for many years, and love their machines. Threeky Auto and Dhamesh Auto from Ludhiana, and Jindal Enterprises from Baranal are Su-Kam dealers extremely happy with the special relationship they enjoy with the company.

Progressing together is the mantra, and no one does it quite like Su-Kam!

Contact info of above some of the above customers:

Mr. Ricky Sharma: House No. 114/1, Mahindra Colony, Bhartiya Vidya Kendra School, Moti Nagar, Ludhiana.

Mr. Jaswinder Singh: 98, Kartar Nagar, Kochar Market, Ludhiana.

Mr. Gurdeep Singh: Village and Post Office Phullewal, Ludhiana.

Jindal Enterprises: Mehar Kalan, Raikot Road,Baranal




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