Su-Kam provides immense potential for talent to grow and groom, one such example is Mr. Durgesh Pradhan

ImageDurgesh had joined Su-Kam family as a service engineer in TRC in Nov 2003. Based on noteworthy performance,  soon he was transferred to Global Business Division with promotion as Senior Sales Engineer in Dec 2004. With his technical know-how, in-depth knowledge, hard work and dedication he was again promoted to Deputy Manager in May 2005 and then to Manager in May 2006. Since his joining Global Business Division, he has traveled to 17 countries in Africa and Asia and is presently looking after East and Central Africa since January 2007. At present he is not only looking after service part but has groomed himself as an aggressive marketing and target driven sales manager also. Owing to his dedication and good work he was awarded Employee of the Year for 2007-08.
He made Su-Kam brand’s presence felt in five new major countries of east and central Africa e.g. Kenya, Sudan, DRC, Cameroon and Djibouti and grabbed major orders from these countries. His ability to take risks also made him travel from DRC (which is not a safe area from security point of view and there is no access to Internet and phone) to Burundi by Air in a flight which is not even approved by IATA.
He shares a wonderful relation with his peers in and out of the department.  He has made his present felt by getting himself involved into production, servicing, R & D and sales. He is a down to earth, organized,  proactive person. His attitude of ‘do or die’ for Su-Kam has made his performance beyond the duties outstanding and remarkable.
People at different levels in the organization have always praised and recommended him for more job responsibility. We wish him to continue his exemplary activities and create bench mark for others.
Mr. Pradhan had been awarded with Rs. 21000/- Cash/ Certificate of Appreciation/ 7 days  paid vacation along with his spouse  with  stay in five star hotel.



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