Su-kam: Customer-certified!

Troubled by power-cuts? Thinking of buying an inverter? Batteries? Go for Su-kam…….. recommend the customers. What can be a better accolade for a brand and its products than the good reviews of its loyal customers?
E Dinakaran, a Scientist at ISRO in Brindavan says, “I am a fully satisfied customer of Su-kam. I have been using a Su-kam inverter and UPS from last 3 years and I must say that the company offers truly satisfied service & products. (Chic & UPS) Thanks a lot Su-kam.”
The same opinion is reiterated by Deepak Gupta from Haryana, “I am using Su-kam inverter since last 4 years. I am very happy with my decision to go for Su-kam. My family members too are also very much satisfied. I would definitely recommend the same to my friends as well. “
Parul Narula, another resident from Haryana, is also a Su-kam fan.  She praises Su-kam and says, “I am really thankful to Su-Kam team who have launched such user friendly product in the market. The new SMF batteries from Su-kam have revolutionised the industry and taken safety to another level. The ensure pollution free environment in my home and keep my family safe. Thank you once again, Su-kam!”
Sumit Bhasin from Ghaziabad, UP and Pramod Khandelwal from Gurgaon are some of the other customers who praise Su-kam to the skies. Mr Bhasin opines, “I truly satisfied with my Sukam invertor.  I have been using it since last five years and it has given me no cause for complaint. Su-kam is really the No 1 inverter services provider & the best quality controller. Thanks to the Su-kam team for their great services and products.
Mr Khandelwal is also very gung-ho about Su-kam and claims, “Su-kam products are really innovative, qualitative and cost effective. I am a satisfied customer of Su-kam and will recommend others to buy this product for better customer satisfaction.”
Thus, Su-kam is lucky to have the good opinion and value of its customers. Its customers are all praise for its products and recommend the same to their friends and acquaintances. Customers across the country are impressed and happy with Su-kam. Come join this club.




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