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Inverters, batteries and UPS systems; these are the products that the layman best knows Su-Kam for. But what most of them don’t realize, is that Su-Kam is the complete power back-up solutions mega company. Their list of specialized products far exceeds what we need & use on an everyday basis. Su-Kam’s R&D function has worked tirelessly to create world class products, that not only back up power, but provide end to end power back up solutions for a range of functions.

One such amazing and specialist product in Su-Kam’s enviable and exhaustive arsenal is the Power Quality Monitor. Power Quality Monitor (PQM) monitors, analyze & display the quality of any AC power source. Presently, to measure the quality of power, we need sophisticated equipment like power analyzers, which are very costly & difficult to operate and also need specialized workforce to operate. Power analyzers also have a plethora of features, which are not understood by common man. Hence Su-Kam embarked upon a mission to make a simple piece of equipment, which is easy to use and can be operated even by a common man.

Sophisticated equipment like TV, DVD, Audio Systems, PCs, Printers, Home networking equipments and other IT sensitive equipments are commonly used nowadays. With the kind of power backup systems like inverters, UPSes and generators available in the market, the power quality from that equipment needs to be analyzed, so that the right power source can be selected. Even in IT industry, where design sophisticated networking hubs and other equipment is needed, one needs to know the quality of the power, so that the power quality can be maintained at regular intervals. And the Su-Kam PQM does this simply, and economically

This, and many other revolutionary products have given Su-Kam an unbelievable patronage across India. A small example of that faith is here. Mr. C P S Bakshi from Noida, Mr. Vikas Sharma from Panipat, Mr. Shyam Goel from Ghaziabad and Ms. Sugatha Chandroth from Cannanore in Kerela, Mr. Annirudha Chakrabarty from Howrah in West Begnal and Mr. Mahendra Patel from Vadodara in Gujarat, Mr. Jamil Khan from Purulia in West Bengal & Mr. Suresh Gaur from Faridabad in Haryana, and finally, Mr. Mohan Agarwal from the city of Lucknow.

All these people are but a tiny section of a pan-India Su-Kam consumer-base – one that has used Su-Kam power back-up products happily for years together, and refuses to use anything else. Why? Because they are of the firm belief that with Su-Kam, they have quality power unlike any other.




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