Su-Kam, Super performance

The power back-up solutions’ industry was a disorganized and fragmented one until a decade ago. Local players would assemble indigenous and crude products in their back-yards and the performance would be equally shabby. Su-Kam has affected a huge transformation in the sector after it entered the market more than a decade ago. Inverters now have a totally different image – silent, effective and completely reliable, thanks to Su-Kam. Here are some customers who swear by the Su-Kam performance.

“We wanted to choose an inverter that doesn’t let us down. Inverters are called upon to play a role maybe 2-3 times a year, but whenever they are required, they should not fail. There should 100% reliability. That’s the reason why we chose Su-Kam,” says a confident Manoj Morbia of Mumbai.

Also relating his experience of Su-Kam’s perfect performance is Kamal Thadani from New Delhi. Kamal says, “Su-Kam products provide excellent performance within a short span of time and are brilliantly engineered.”

It is the technological leaps and in-depth research & development of Su-Kam that really builds functionality and integrity into its products. As Shyam Gupta from Uttar Pradesh testifies, “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter for the last year. It’s a very good product. I think it is amazingly result-orientated. There have been no problems during this period. Now I have bought the Su-Kam SMF Batteries, Model SPB 135, and this too is a super performer!”

KP Sarath Kumar, describes his beloved Su-Kam product quite comically. “Su-Kam Falcon is a real Falcon. It is silent, 100% accurate and cool as a cucumber!” And while Sarath’s description might be funny, he echoes a truth about Su-Kam products shared by thousands of completely satisfied customers.

Great performance is further combined at Su-Kam with cost-effectiveness and a hassle-free ownership experience, further enhancing the performance quotient of its products. Nitin Mishra of Noida submits, “I am using a Su-Kam 800 VA Inverter and it is efficiently handling power usage load. Its SMF battery is excellent in charging and providing long back up. Thanks to Su-Kam for designing such efficient products that give great value-for-money. A great product, at a great price.”

Rajesh Katkar of Hyderabad can’t stop raving about the pleasurable usage of his Su-Kam UPS. He says,“It’s really fantastic! I have forgotten all my worries about power cuts and interruptions in work after connecting the UPS. Also, the maintenance-free batteries are really hassle free and give me a back up of 4-5 hours.”

It is through sheer hard work and technical integrity that Su-Kam has garnered critical acclaim from its customers. Not only has Su-Kam created a family of superb products, it has also championed a family of immensely satisfied and loyal customers. All thanks to its super performance products.




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