Su-kam – Uninterrupted power supply

The UPS, the Uninterrupted Power Supply system, has long been both a friend to the computer user. Providing undulating power supply, it is an absolute prerequisite for protecting your computer equipment from voltage fluctuations and potential damage. However, for long, the UPS systems have themselves not been most reliable and user-friendly – bulky, and not providing much time when the lights go out.

All that has changed. Thanks to Su-Kam. As is the habit of the company, it has, through sheer innovation, revolutionized the humble home UPS. Here’s what they have done.

Traditionally, there have been two separate power back-up systems – UPS systems for computers, and inverters for other household appliances. With an increasing number of households having a computer, it became necessary to have a single product capable of providing power back-up to both. Su-Kam’s Home UPS is a truly futuristic product that does just this. This two-in-one product – inverter + UPS – eliminates the need of separate power back-up systems.

With UPS systems like these, and a slew of other amazing products, Su-Kam has garnered an enviable customer base. One that has to be seen to be believed – for it is wide, diverse & fiercely loyal to the brand. For example, in Maharashtra alone, there are throes of Su-Kam customers – Mr. Mahesh Pande, Mr. Nilesh Tambde, Ms. Leena Sharma, and Mr. Ram Sharma. From Mathura, there is Mr. Manoj Arya; from Himachal Pradesh, Mr. Tapinder Singh; from Bangalore, Mr. A. V. Rahul, from Punjab, Mr. Vikas Monga; from Kolkata, Mr. Sanjay Joshi; and Mr. Jitendra Gupta from Delhi

All these people are a mere pinch of the overall and, quite frankly, incalculable Su-Kam customer base who, thanks to Su-Kam’s brilliant power back-up products, enjoy uninterrupted power supply!




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