Su-Kam: An emotional customer connection

Only when a brand establishes a deep emotional connection with people, does it truly become a super brand. Su-Kam is one of those rare brands. After revolutionising the power back-up industry with pioneering solutions that are safe, reliable, innovative and friendly for well over a decade, Su-Kam has become much more than an ‘inverter company’.

“Power cuts without interruption is a very soothing experience for my daughter. She often says, ‘Thank God we have Su-Kam!’”, says Shuchi Agarwal from Noida.

An equally emotional RK Nagraj from Hyderabad shares, “No fluctuations and no strange noises from fans! Also, my computer never restarts and I don’t ever realize that things are running on Su-Kam power. Su-Kam is all-powerful and will enlighten your life. You’ll forget what power cuts are all about!”

Such is the profound effect of Su-Kam on the lives of millions of power-hungry people, that their sentiments can be clearly seen. Mumbai’s Rahul More expresses his heartfelt opinions.“Su-Kam kare har kaam aur de pura aaram (Su-Kam does all the work and gives you all the rest)!

“With Su-Kam, you enter a new era of life. The light of joy is always on, it never turns off! Get Su-Kam and wipe darkness off your life,” says Kolkata-based Shrisendu Chokroborty in strong testimony to the product.

Through constant innovation, superior technology and ultimate dedication, Su-Kam, its products, and its people have found a really special place in peoples’ lives. Says Paritosh Mahapatra of Kestopur, “This is the best product I have ever used. The product looks so small and cute that makes others envious. I have never owned any product that is as user-friendly as Su-Kam. Many thanks!”

Such bonds with Su-Kam are shared by many others including Mathew Thomas in Navi Mumbai, “Indeed I have been ‘so calm’ in the midst of a power failure because I know I have a Su-Kam!”

Why this obsession with Su-Kam? Let’s have Noida resident Vineet Agarwal answer this. He says, “Some indulgences cannot be explained. Su-Kam is one of them. Their inverter is reliable, robust and the best of the league.” The evidence, straight from users, is there for all to see.

Whether Su-Kam’s users can find the appropriate words or not; their relationship with the brand is unbreakable. While Atul Gupta from Ghaziabad says “I know very well about Su-Kam’s quality products, but I have no words  to describe it except big ‘Thanks’!”.

Perhaps Raja Sinha from Howrah puts it most poignantly, “Su-Kam is the best light of my life!”

Su-Kam, through its products, has become more like a dependable family member who’s always there – supporting, protecting, and providing selflessly. It is an enviable stature Su-Kam enjoys, and makes sure to keep providing better & better products, to maintain a stronger than ever bond with its consumers.



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