To satisfy the demand of the customer should be the mandate of every organization that provides a product or a service. Having said that, there is often a disconnect between what a company promises, and what it delivers. It may not be intentional, but by the time the consumer experiences the product, several things can go wrong.

That is the reason companies have to ensure a total approach to management. It isn’t enough to make the best product, each aspect connected with the customer’s experience has to be managed with a fine-tooth comb. Only then can there be true satisfaction. Like is the case with Su-Kam. Now here is one company that produces quality power back-up products, has a well oiled and extensive dealer network, and then, to support its customers fully, has an excellent technical support team that meets customers needs, 24/7.

It is this level of all-round commitment that has earned Su-Kam its stellar reputation. Customers from all corners of the country recognize the company for its efforts in each sphere of its operations. While some love the products, others praise the dealer network, and others still the prompt, efficient service. Obviously, most are those who have experienced all three. and are mighty impressed.

Mr. Suraj Prasad, Mr. Azar Ali are associated with Su-Kam from the city of Lucknow. As customers, they have had a great experience using their Su-Kam inverters. Sun Power Systems, a dealer too from Lucknow, are proud to be engaged with the company. Like them, Mr. Solilum Kumar, Mr. Raghvendra Chaubey, and dealership Chand Brothers from Varanasi, are equally satisfied with Su-Kam. There is also dealership M/S Ruby Enterprises from Gazipur, and Mr. B. P. Pal from Faizabad. These customers and dealers from UP represent but a fraction of the huge family of satisfied Su-Kam stakeholders.

A proud lot, thanks to ultimate Su-Kam satisfaction!

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Suraj Prasad – 14/58, Purana Barfkhana, Udaiganj.

Chand Brother – S-19/7, Mint House, Near Cutting School, Nadesar.

Mr. Raghvendra Chaubey – K-54/44, Dara Nagar.

Mr. B. P. Pal – Shiv Nagar Naka, Sahara India Office.



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