Su-Kam serves one and all

Su-Kam’s product range caters to every customer segment, every industry, and every type of consumer. More importantly, across the geographical length & breadth of India, happy customers abound. And the proof is ample.

Mr.Virendra Kumar Kathuria is a share broker with a leading investment multinational in New Delhi. “I was initially using a different brand, but my friends recommended Su-Kam. They made me see that the price was very reasonable. Now I am using Su-Kam for the past 7 months. The product is good and the service is spot on”.

Prabhat Kumar Sahoo is a life insurance agent in Orissa. He supports Mr. Kathuria’s claim; “I am using the Su-Kam Cosmic Inverter that my friends suggested and I am very happy with the product.”

Such is the degree of confidence that Su-Kam inspires, it has engineers & technical customers also converted into Su-Kam loyalists. A computer hardware engineer with a global giant in UP, Sunil Kushwaha was using a competitive product made by a computers peripherals company. But he too quickly changed his mind. “Bahut hi badhiya hai ye product (This product is fantastic),” he now proudly says of his Su-Kam UPS.

Mr. D N Srivastava, a retired gentleman from Noida, sings praises of his Su-Kam product. “I was using a 140A for my son’s office & now use a Su-Kam 160A that my relatives recommended. I am so happy!”

Monsi Phillip, who works for a garment company in Chattisgarh, seconds Shrivastava; “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter for over a year. I looked at the ads & Su-Kam was a clear winner. I am totally satisfied.”

Shyama Ghosh, a teacher from West Bengal says, “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter for 7 months. I have no problem with voltage up-down issues. It’s a great brand and there is just no comparison with any other!”

Dinesh Bhatt from Delhi works with a Public Health NGO, and swears by his Su-Kam SinWave inverter. While Mahadev Charan, also from Delhi, working with a Anand Bazaar subsidy says, “I am using 180A since 4 months. The back-up is excellent.”

At the other end of the spectrum, we have a person from a leading Indian business house. Mr. Dinesh Maheshwari from Delhi opines, “I have been using Su-Kam batteries & products for 5 years. The quality is super & products are fully reliable.”

It’s this special quality about Su-Kam products, that traverses geographies, transcends people & unites them. Deepu Raina, a student all the way in Sikkim Manipal University is a great example. “In other products, paani dekhna padta hai (one has to check the water), check karna padta hai; but not in Su-Kam. It is very good”. Pranav Vishnoi, a GP Consultant from UP agrees, “The products are great, the brand is good, and compared to others, they work much much better!”

These customers only represent a tiny trickle in the ocean of happy Su-Kam customers; a varied & diverse family of consumers. For Su-Kam, it is a mission & a privilege to serve one & all.




  1. Dear
    Sir, I want power doc for sell business, so I meet to your merketing menager . My full address below-
    Mr. Asit Maity
    Gandhi Road,Contai
    [Near P.L. Maji Nursing Home]
    Purba medinipur
    West Bengal.
    Phone -9932846356
    email –

    • Dear Sir,

      Nice to see your interest in Power-Doc. We would definitely like to provide you with the best solution. Please let us know what is the quantity you want to purchase?

      Su-kam Executive

  2. I want to purchase Su-Kam invertor for my house and I would like to know the dealer,s name /address and telephone or cell no.Please send me a mail if possible.

    • Hi Srinivas,

      Thanks for the query. We will get back to you on this soon. Meanwhile you can also call up on our toll free no. 1800 102 4423 to get assistance in this regard.

      Su-Kam Executive


    Bhupendra Shrimal,

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