Su-Kam- Service leaders

Eight years ago, I was selling locally assembled inverters. Then I came into contact with Su-Kam and since then have been their dealer. The last seven years have been a long & fruitful relationship with Su-Kam. But this has happened only because the company has been good to me, and I have been likewise. Associating with Su-Kam has had many advantages.

Associating with a brand comes with its benefits. As Su-Kam grew into a respected brand, my business grew too. Also, customers like it if you stock the whole range of products for a brand.

But I think the most important thing in any brand-dealer relationship is the backing the brand gives. In this regard too, Su-Kam has been first rate. Good relationships are a result of good service. If the service given isn’t good, then relationships go for a toss. But that is not how it is in this case. Su-Kam is very supportive in service and that is the main reason why we can sustain the customers after we sell the products. Product you can sell once, but if there is no service, a customer will not return to the brand. But Su-Kam’s service is so strong that once a person becomes a Su-Kam customer, he always stays with the brand. Su-Kam’s approach towards customer service has always been positive. The customer is happy and that keeps us happy too.

In the seven years of selling Su-Kam products, this has become more like a partnership – a partnership whereby there is full support & back-up from the company. That is what Su-Kam gives – a superior power back-up to customers and a great service back-up to dealers.

– Jaswinder Singh




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