Su-Kam – Hit and fit

We Indians love our films! In a Bollywood-obsessed nation, we judge everything by the number of hits. For us, the track record of an actor or a director is important. We even base our judgment of products, companies and brands on the number of ‘hit’ products & services they have produced.

It’s not always an easy task to live up to expectations, when each offering is expected to be a hit. But despite these high expectations, Su-Kam is one brand that has delivered a potent product, each & every time; capturing the imagination of people all over India. No one rules the power back-up roost with as much popularity, as Su-Kam does.

Let’s take a loyal bunch of Su-Kam patrons from Punjab, first. We have Mr. Succha Singh, Mr. S K Gupta, Mr. Rakesh Jain and Mr. J P Sharma. These gentlemen have been using Su-Kam inverters for differing lengths of time, ranging from a few months to 2 years. They are all very pleased with the performance & efficiency of their Su-Kam inverters; but most importantly, they concede that it is the amazing popularity of the brand that made them buy its products in the first place!

Popularity may sometimes seem like a slightly hollow notion, but in this case, popularity is based on hard merit. Each product that Su-Kam has launched, offers features, convenience, affordability & innovation by the bucket-loads. These inverters & UPS systems work tirelessly. They almost never break down and they have proven their mettle by years & years of service. It is these hard facts that Su-Kam’s popularity is based on.

More support comes for Su-Kam’s popularity from Mr. Rakesh Soti from Haryana, Mr. Gaurav Bajaj from Kota, Rajasthan, Mr. Vaquer Ahmad from New Delhi, and from Mr. Kundan Singh, also from New Delhi. These Su-Kam customers are completely loyal to the brand because they have tried others and have come back to Su-Kam. They also feel that be it in the market or among the civilian community, the popularity of Su-Kam is unbeatable!

Su-Kam has transformed the way we perceive power back-up solutions by serving up the best products. It has truly become a superhit!




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