Su-kam Serving One & All

It is rare to find a company that has a strong human resources philosophy. Most companies place the customer at the top of their priority lists, followed by a keen sense of corporate social responsibility. But a company where each and every stakeholder is treated with equal importance, care and attention – that is rare to find. There is one, however, that practices this inclusive, all-are-equal policy, and has, in fact, since the beginning of its operations. And that company is Su-Kam.

At Su-Kam, employees, dealers, and the distributors – each stakeholder – is made to feel special. Speaking with any Su-Kam employee, one gets the idea that they see their jobs as much more than a source of livelihood. The tremendous sense of ownership and pride that resonates in each employee clearly shows that this is a company that people love to work at. And the scenario is no different with the supply chain either.

Distributors and dealer will tell you that partnering with Su-Kam is a relationship of love, trust, and support – for life. They have partners for life in Su-Kam, through the good times, and the bad. The company isn’t just concerned with giving incentives to push sales, but more in establishing a personal connection and rapport, like family. It is a refreshing change from the usual cut-throat, bottom-line driven, business environment that we see today. Sure, customers are Su-Kam’s top priority as well. And real life Su-Kam customer such as Mr. P. Venkatanarayan from Gutur, Arshith Enterprises from Rajamandri, Mr. Santosh from Indore prove Su-Kam’s customer-focus.

Madhur Redio from Indore, Nagar Industries from Pachor, Agarwal Electronics from Dist. Murena, and National Battery Center from Harda are all Su-Kam distributors from different parts of Madhya Pradesh. They take immense pride in having associated with Su-Kam, and the partnership has enriched their lives. The love and the support they receive from Su-Kam is unlike that they have got from any other company.

At Su-Kam, its not just about serving the customers…it is about serving one and all!

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. P. Venkatanarayan: Guntur, District Muppalla, Near Sattana Palli.

M/S Arshith Enterprises: Maduranagar, Rajamandri.

Mr. Santosh: B-319, Shalimar, Banlow Park, Sukhliya, Indore.

M/S Madur Redio: Maharani Road, Indore.

M/S Nagar Industries: A. B. Road, Balaji, Pachor.

M/S Agarwal Electronics: M. S. Road, Sabalgarh.

M/S National Battery Center: Shop No. 56, Moury Complex, Harda.




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