SMF Batteries

SMF Battery

Gone are the days when one used to have a robust battery that too not sealed properly. Infact those batteries used to emit lot of harmful fumes that affected our health.   Realizing the need to have an alternative to the conventional batteries, Su-Kam offer sealed Maintenance Free Batteries. The safer alternative, these do not emit harmful lead fumes and are thus safe for installation in the house or workspace. They do not require water logging either. Since they are maintenance free you need not waste your precious time to keep them in top condition.

As these batteries are fully sealed and integrated with a deep discharge technology they are safe for health. They do not even pollute the surroundings. These Sealed Maintenance Free batteries lasts 50% longer compared to the ordinary batteries and requires no maintenance at all. Su-Kam thus delivers a maintenance free and safe range of batteries.

SMF Batteries are UL(Underwriters Laboratories) and CE(Conformite European) certified as they follow rigorous safety and environment standards set in USA and Europe. These new range Power Bank SMF Batteries are believed to be the most reliable batteries. They are manufactured in strict quality controlled environments that are going to outperform your expectations.

Su-Kam’s Power Bank range of SMF batteries for UPS/Inverter performs with near uniformity under extreme variations of temperature. Their charging and back-up duration and reliability remain practically the same despite climatic challenges. That is why they are more commonly preferred for mission-critical applications.

Su-Kam’s SMF Batteries have a longer float life. The expected life of Su-Kam’s Batteries using under float (trickle charge) use is 4-6 years at 20 degrees centigrade. Long term availability ensures excellent return on investment. You may even expect to get much more discharge/recharge cycles thus ensuring a true value for money. The self discharge rate over a period of one month, at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees centigrade is only3 %(approx.) of its rated capacity. So they can be used frequently without affecting the performance.

Now what do you feel? We would also like to have comments from your side regarding the problems you are facing right now? The batteries you are using are they meeting your needs? Do you frequently face problems with the charging, emitting fumes? Please feel free to post over here.




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