Su-Kam Solar Shines in Africa’s Largest Power&Energy Show

# About the Global Energy Meet at South Africa!

As I write this blog, our Su-Kam team is fervently showcasing our wide portfolio of solar products at the Power and Electricity World-Africa 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa.

An annual event where the African Energy industry meets, the event presents a lucrative opportunity to meet new customers and to grow client base in Africa. Hosted by the Energy Department of the Republic there are 350 exhibitors and over 6000 visitors.

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 # Overwhelming Response for Su-Kam Solar Products!

Su-Kam’s stall was buzzing with visitors the whole day. Many foreign dignitaries visited our stall. One such important guest was Ms. Ruchi Ghanashyam, High Commissioner of India to the Republic of South Africa. She was extremely happy to see Su-Kam, an Indian company that manufactures world-class solar products and has thus made a mark in Africa and many other countries in the world. She spent some time at our stall carefully understanding our products and its benefits to the end user and the environment. It was a proud moment for the Su-Kam team present there to have the High Commissioner herself visit our stall and show keen interest in our products.

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# A Glimpse of Power & Electricity World Africa 2015

# Su-Kam’s Presense in Africa Since 2004

For over a decade now, Su-Kam has been traversing the journey of lighting up villages, schools and hospitals as well as faces of lacs of people in Africa.

Africa is an important export market for Su-Kam and we continue to expand our reach in the continent.

 2000 dealers and distributors in over 30 countries in Africa

With our first distributor in Africa in 2004, today we have a network of over 2000 dealers and distributors in over 30 countries in Africa. To strengthen our brand and to connect with the end customer we participate in various exhibitions and events.

# Su-Kam – “Most Reliable Inverter Brand of Africa”

The market leadership award conferred upon Su-Kam reiterates the company’s huge market strength and presence in the large and diverse continent of Africa. It also emphasizes Su-Kam’s seminal role in redefining the power back-up industry in Africa. In 2013, Su-Kam was adjudged the “Most Reliable Inverter Brand of Africa” award by the Institute of Brand Management, Nigeria. We have many other accolades to our credit in Africa.



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# Su-Kam Solar Products Showcased in the Global Energy Meet

The main attractions at the stall were

DC System with DC fan and LED light,

Electroscopy– India’s first device that can compare two electronic appliances,

Brainy– a complete solar package for home usage that operates on Solar as well as Grid Power,

Solarcon– a hybrid solar charge controller which can be connected to any existing UPS or Inverter to convert it into a solar-powered system.

Falcon++ – Sine Wave UPS with Automatic Temperature Control technology (ATC) and 4th Generation Micro Processor that provides Pure Sine Wave output and is 100% clean, regulated, and completely stable and distortion free and absolutely safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive appliances.

Apart from this, the other main attractions at the stall were the complete range of solar products for diverse requirements of customer’s need right from the

small solar powered Home lighting solutions,

MPPT based Solar Charge controller,

Grid tie inverter,

Battery equalizer etc.




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