Su-Kam, a friend forever!

We all have friends. Some we socialize with, some we meet as fleeting acquaintances, and then some, who are our closest friends. Like family, this third set of friends stays by our side through thick and thin. No matter what the situation, how dark the time, our best friends don’t leave us for a moment. And this is the kind of relationship that a lot of long-term users of Su-Kam have developed with the brand. Su-Kam is to these customers, a friend forever.

Mr. Sandeep Yadav from New Delhi has been using his Su-Kam inverter for over two years now. During this period, he has grown fond of his inverter like one would of another person. And now, he can’t conceive of a life without his constant power back-up. Similar feelings are expressed by other long-term Su-Kam users, such as Mr. Sandeep Srichandan from Bangalore, Mr. Jaswant Singh & Mr. Ram Lubhiya from Punjab. These gentlemen have been using Su-Kam inverters for around 2 years as well, and consider their machines their absolute favorite products.

That Su-Kam makes the best inverters is a foregone conclusion now. What is not necessarily known is the breadth of Su-Kam’s product portfolio. There is literally one product to suit each & every power back-up need. Even UPS systems have found much favor with customers and people have developed strong ties to their Su-Kam UPS systems. Mr. Pranav Kumar from Noida has been using his Su-Kam Home UPS for over 4 years. He is delighted & thankful.

The robust build & technological integrity of Su-Kam products has become the stuff of legends and is backed by the best technical service support, which is responsible for their long-lasting nature. This has given rise to a large army of long-term Su-Kam users, who rely only on Su-Kam. Mr. Satnam Singh from Orissa, Mr. Jatinder Sachdev from Ludhiana & Mr. Satya Ranjan from Cuttack are all Su-Kam customers for the past 2-3 years and trust the brand implicitly for their power back-up needs.

Strong, dependable, honest, trustworthy, reliable – all the attributes that a best friend should have, are present in any Su-Kam machine. Truly, a friend forever!




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