Su-Kam – Superior products, great services

Su-Kam customers are very happy with its products and services. People from all over the country attest to the fact that it is a great and reliable brand. Check out some customer reviews about Su-Kam.

Govind Kuvad, Junagadh, Gujarat – Uses a Home UPS Torque 850VA from Su-Kam. He says, “It is a great power backup solution for homes.”

Suhail Akhtar, Mohali, Punjab – Uses a Su-kam inverter.

On a light note, he says, “Su-Kam makes my life brighter, when the Punjab Govt tries to make it darker!”

Prabhakar Gupta, Lucknow, UP – uses a Pure Sine Wave Home UPS

He opines, “Excellent products, no power cuts at home. A+ + + + + product.”

Naveen Babu, Bangalore, Karnataka – uses a Falcon model Su-Kam UPS.

He states, “Su-Kam UPS is the best in product & offers great service. They have world class products at affordable prices.”

Mukul Kansal, Gurgaon, Haryana – uses a Su-Kam inverter

He informs, “I am using Su-Kam inverters for the last 5 years with ZERO complaints and no breakdowns.”

Ashok Agarwala, Raniganj, West Bengal – uses a Falcon Home UPS

He says, “I am using the Falcon Home UPS 800 VA since the third week of July ’10, and so far, it is running satisfactorily. Thanks!”

Thus, customers from across the country unanimously accept and acknowledge the superior quality of Su-Kam products and services.




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